Home Selling Tips

home selling tips in jupiter, fl

6 home selling tips steps for proven results

Here are some home selling tips we want to share with you to get your Abacoa home ready for sale. These tips have worked for many people and should be considered when you are ready to sell your home.

Setting the correct price for your market and making an excellent first impression are two of the most essential things to attracting buyers, but what else can you do to get the offers rolling in? Here are some tips to help you sell your home as quickly

Price it right from the start

Sellers often thing think they should start their asking price high so incase the home does not sell they can always lower it. This actually has more of a negative affect to some buyers and agents. They may think you are not serious about selling or you’re not willing to negotiate if your home is listed to high. Thus increasing the time your home is on the market for without being sold.

Curb appeal

This could be as simple as pressure cleaning the driveway, replacing a old mailbox or planting some flowers. Potential buyers form a first impression of your home as soon as they spot the home. Image is everything! If some of these minor things are not addressed before listing your home buyers feel “if they didn’t do the little things they must not have done the big things”!

Clean, declutter and remove personal items

When fewer things are in the home, the larger the home will look, so remove excess items or furniture. Also remove family photos so potentinal buyers can envision them selves there. Also, hiring a cleaning service to help with a deep clean is always a great idea.

Make the home easy to show

The more times the property is available to be shown the more prospective buyers will be able to see it. Be ready for prospective visitors early in the morning, at night and on weekends, with very little notice. Also don’t be there when the property is being shown and remove your pets. Visitors should not even know you have a pet, so remove any and all toys, dishes, beds etc….Buyers want to be able to move freely throughout the home as they please without having to feeling like an intruder.

Make sure the listing has good photos and a lot of them

Homebuyers typically start their search online and decide which homes they want to take a look at based on the photos. You want something better than snapshots taken quickly with your agent’s phone.

Share information about living in the neighborhood

The listing photos should also include pictures of nearby recreation, restaurant and shops. Make sure the listing also includes informations about the local schools. Remember you’re marketing the neighborhood, the way of life, as well as your home!

If you have anything to add with to our home selling tips above or just have some questions please feel free to contact us. 561-351-8433